Sculptor Milton Hebald Carving in his Studio in Bracciano, Italy


Milton Hebald (1917-2015) was an American Master Sculptor whose style spans nearly eight decades of the artistic world, from the Depression Era, Works Project Administration through the Post-Modern Era of the early 2000’s. His work demonstrates a mastery of American Cubism of the 1930s to the traditions of European Baroque and Neoclassical periods of art. Though Mr. Hebald was an American artist from New York City, he chose to spend more than fifty years of his life in Italy, where he worked from a bucolic studio suited for a sculptor of his caliber. He created art in various mediums: wood, marble, bronze, and terra cotta.   The feeling and gratification of using his chisel to carve various types of woods, to reveal romantic figures of couples and his love of the human figure. Mr. Hebald found challenges working in marble, thus creating few art pieces in stone. Throughout his life he found the most flexibility and creative energy working in plaster and used the lost wax technique to eventually be cast into bronze in which his art can be found in both small and larger than life-size works.   Later in life, he focused on creating pieces in the Roman tradition of terra cotta, which he claimed could withstand hundreds of years of wear and tear.

In his Bracciano, Italy studio he created his most identifiable and well-known public art that dot the American (Romeo and Juliet and The Tempest, Central Park, NYC, Handstand and Monument Olympiade, and Adagio, Los Angeles, CA, Zodiac, Pan Am World Port, JFK International Airport, NY) and European (Portrait of James Joyce, Zurich, Switzerland and Dancing Family, Trevignano, Rome, Italy, Shakespeare’s Portrait, Oslo, Norway) public landscape today. His works can also be found in various museums: Homage, Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC, Maiden, Brandeis Museum, MA, Young Joyce Walking, Virginia Fine Arts, Richmond, VA, Philadelphia Museum of Art, PA, as well as Tower Museum, Dublin, Ireland, Birla Museum, Calcutta, India naming a few.

His works have also been privately collected throughout the world by such former luminaries as the founder of AIG Insurance Company, C.V. Starr, whose Brewster, NY private golf course is embedded throughout the course with Mr. Hebald’s sculpture. Additionally, Collection of William and Mary Barnes, The Volterra Collection, and The Collection of R. Pomerance, to name a few.